Collin Cox Profiled In Litigation Finance Story on Above The Law Legal Blog

Above the Law, an online blog focused on the legal industry, has launched a new interview series that is focused on "David v. Goliath" legal scenarios and the strategies - including litigation funding - that are used to help level the playing field in complex business disputes.

The first series interview focused on Collin Cox, a partner with Yetter Coleman who represented Business Logic Corp. in its recent $61 million trade secret misappropriation case which settled last year against Morningstar Inc. and its subsidiary, Ibbotson Associates, a leading provider of independent investment research.

The settlement, which recovered 95% of our client’s maximum claimed damages, ranks as the 9th largest public trade-secrets settlement in the U.S, and is the #1 trade-secrets settlement in Illinois.  In addition to Collin, Yetter Coleman’s trial team for the case included Paul Yetter, Reagan Simpson, Jim Zucker, Rob Ellis, Wyatt Dowling, Elizabeth Wyman, and Chris Ward.