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Results Matter

In every phase of litigation, from investigation and negotiation to trial and appeal, Yetter Coleman delivers.

As one of the nation’s premier boutique trial law firms, Yetter Coleman knows that achieving the best results for our clients is what matters most. This is why some of the world’s biggest companies come to Yetter Coleman for their critical cases.

What Our Clients Say

If you have a complicated commercial case, one that involves complex legal and factual issues, Yetter is a great firm. They simply handle it.

I think that, first and foremost, they are very focused on what the company's goals are. I think they do a good job of helping us frame what a win looks like.

To them, it's more than just suing people. It's about really understanding what the company's needs and goals are and using that to construct a litigation strategy toward that end.

If a case has been going on for a period of time, and the client is unhappy, they may seek alternative counsel. When that happens, they want a firm that’s going to be able to digest a lot of information very quickly and come up with a new strategy that's going to carry the day. Yetter does that.