Hiring Approach

One of Yetter Coleman’s greatest strengths is consistently hiring outstanding lawyers who can immediately contribute to resolving our clients’ complex legal issues.  We seek attorneys whose demonstrated judgment, drive, and focus will allow them to build a thriving and rewarding career with us.  Candidates must be committed to a career in litigation and be ready to assume significant responsibilities in trials, arbitrations, and/or appellate matters.

We hire rising 2L law students, recent law school graduates, and lawyers who have completed federal judicial clerkships, as well as lateral professionals with relevant practice and industry experience.  As a litigation boutique, we are highly selective in our hiring standards and seek attorneys who have excelled at the nation’s top schools, paying particular attention to those with law review, journal, and advocacy experience. Successful candidates will demonstrate achievement, as well as a willingness to take risks outside of their academic pursuits.


Compensation and Benefits

We offer a compensation package that is on par with large and small-firm peers located around Texas. In addition to a competitive annual salary that matches national scale, we offer annual merit bonuses that reflect the performance of the firm and an individual's contribution to the firm’s success. We also pay professional fees and expenses, including bar review courses and moving expenses, and provide a competitive benefits package.  Junior associates joining upon completion of judicial clerkships are eligible to receive a clerkship bonus.


First-Rate Professional Opportunities and Culture

We take great pride in the signature characteristics that have become hallmarks of Yetter Coleman lawyers: efficiency, creativity, and tenacity. These time-tested qualities are best reflected in our years of trying and winning challenging cases for our clients, and they represent the strong professional values of our lawyers and staff.  Similarly, we are proud to offer a unique, integrated trial and appellate platform through which our lawyers work together to ensure the best strategic decisions can be made at every stage of litigation for our clients.  This client service foundation creates a collegial culture that contributes to a level of professional satisfaction that we believe is unsurpassed in today’s practice of business law.

Diversity matters to us.  We strongly believe that a diverse environment strengthens our firm and profession.  Accordingly, we are committed to the hiring, retention, and advancement of a diverse group of lawyers and staff.

Giving back through our profession is equally as important to our culture. We value our professional duty to serve the greater community and provide pro bono representation to individuals in need.  Through a combination of perseverance, sensitivity, and ideological tolerance, our firm endeavors to be a catalyst for change, altruism, and justice.

Learn more about what it's like to work at Yetter Coleman: "Trial Firm Yetter Coleman Trains Young Lawyers for the Long Haul"


Equal Opportunity Employer

Yetter Coleman strives to recruit and hire qualified and highly motivated individuals whose professional goals and interests are consistent with our high standards in providing legal services to its clients. To do so, we are committed to offering an equal opportunity for employment to qualified candidates regardless of an individual's race, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


Law Student and Lateral Associate Employment

If you are a rising 2L law student interested in our 2021 summer program, recent law school graduate, or are completing a federal judicial clerkship, please contact Elizabeth Wyman or Grant Martinez, the firm's Co-Hiring Attorneys, to submit your resume or learn more about employment opportunities with the firm.


Professional Staff Employment

Yetter Coleman has dedicated and professional staff that works closely with our lawyers to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, professional development opportunities, along with a high-energy, warm, and friendly environment. Details about open positions are posted on our Linked In company page.

Yetter Coleman is an equal opportunity employer.