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Investigations Practice

Internal investigations are among litigation’s most challenging specialties. Typically triggered by a whistleblower or other notification of alleged acts by a company officer or employee that could prompt a lawsuit, an amendment to SEC disclosures, or other action that could harm a company’s interests, an investigation usually involves a company’s Board of Directors and senior management. The goal, always, is to determine both what happened, and what a client needs to do about it – as quickly as possible.

Our Investigations practice brings a uniquely litigation-focused approach to the matters we handle, providing thorough, rapid, and actionable results that leverage our roots as trial lawyers.

We provide our clients with a dual focus on both short-term objectives – understanding and addressing the issue – and long-term results – ensuring the issue does not arise again. Our skill as trial lawyers translates directly to investigation interviews.  The types of issues involved in these matters can have significant personal and professional ramifications for witnesses, who may be reluctant to cooperate, or may even have their own agenda. Our ability to overcome these challenges and to get to the truth with precise, effective questioning sets us apart.

We’re also skilled at sorting through the key documentary and other evidence underlying the issue at hand, and presenting this information in an organized, highly cogent fashion, such that a Board or other decision-maker has the facts they need to address the underlying issue.

When an investigation ensues, we help our clients understand and manage the risks. We are highly experienced at developing and executing customized investigation plans, tailored to each specific situation. No two companies, investigations or scenarios are alike, and we have the knowledge and judgment to develop approaches to complex situations that reflect and support each client’s specific goals.

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