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Commercial Litigation

Yetter Coleman’s Commercial Litigation practice group represents clients in disputes arising out of the operation of almost any kind of enterprise. Our work includes issues involving contracts, business torts, allegations of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and adjacent topics.

We represent clients at every stage of proceedings, from initial negotiations through motion practice, discovery, trial, and appeals. Our team also handles every facet of litigation – mediation, arbitration, and trials. We have tried cases in jurisdictions across the United States and we have represented clients in an equally broad range of industries: airline, energy, finance, health care, manufacturing, real estate, retail, technology, and telecommunications.

Our team handles complex matters with business-critical outcomes on the line. We provide more than simply experience and legal knowledge. We integrate each client’s business goals with our legal strategy, in order to deliver the best possible outcomes as defined by the client. We are not theoreticians – we’re real-world lawyers.

Every client and every case has a unique set of factors in play, and a unique definition of success. For one client, it might be a zero defense verdict in front of a jury. For another, it might be a good settlement or influencing the law that affects the industry. We let our clients tell us what they need, and we work hard to deliver success.

Achieving our client’s vision of success influences how we do our work day-to-day. We emphasize communication and responsiveness – the client’s priorities affect both major decisions and our daily ones. We are guided by the client’s goals. Some want to be consulted about everything. Some simply want periodic status reports. We base our work and communication, on what clients need.

The buck stops, of course, in the courtroom. We are relentless, resilient, creative trial lawyers.

Commercial litigation is a highly complex, ongoing negotiation, which is influenced as much by emotion and intuition as by the legal principles and facts at issue. Yetter Coleman does just one thing: litigate. We are pure-play trial lawyers who take immense pride in being innovative and skilled in the courtroom and consistently (and reliably) effective for our clients.

We distill intricate facts and legal principles into a cogent, lucid and compelling story. We are storytellers. Juries are not necessarily impressed by legal logic, or analytic research skills. What wins cases is the ability to cut through the verbiage and reduce facts, law and causality to their essence. Trial law is the art of telling a story with all the information needed to make a decision.

Relatedly, we know litigation is expensive, can be risky, and is a major distraction. It’s also a business decision and must take place with the client’s business goals in mind, always. Winning a case can be a Pyrrhic victory if the client is not better off for it.

One phrase sums up our approach to trial law. How can we help the client? Simple words, but they change everything, and guide our work.

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