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IP/Patent Litigation

Practice LeadJeffrey A. Andrews


In one way, intellectual property litigation is just like any other kind of trial law. The objective is to win. Yetter Coleman’s Intellectual Property practice is a team of experienced, bottom-line litigators who go up against some of the biggest firms in the country where it really counts—the courtroom—and succeed.

We try complicated patent cases and equally challenging ancillary issues such as trade secrets, fraud, and other related topics. Many litigators rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Not us. We try real cases to real juries to obtain real verdicts. We are ready, willing, and able to take even the most complex cases to court. And when we do, we can communicate intricate concepts and legal theories to both judges and juries in a way that’s clear and effective.

How do we do it? First, we field a world-class team of attorneys who are experienced, smart, and conversant in the subjects at hand. Intellectual property cases are fact-intensive and high-stakes. Our technical knowledge allows us to get up to speed quickly and understand which approach to a dispute is appropriate for the technology. We have an especially knowledgeable team in oilfield technologies, electronics, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and medical devices.

We also employ a true team approach to our cases that allows us to be nimble, lean, and efficient. We communicate seamlessly, share expertise in technical and legal disciplines, and deliver results.

We understand that each client and situation has a different set of factors and a unique definition of victory. It may be a verdict, an advantageous settlement, a reason to seriously negotiate or something else entirely. And we’re aware that litigation, particularly in the world of patents, is a form of business strategy. Success at trial can open or protect new markets, box out competitors, or reshape the patent landscape. We are guided by an ongoing, always-evolving consideration of how what we’re doing fits into and helps drive the client’s broader business strategy.

We provide our clients with courtroom representation, even in the messiest disputes, to minimize risk, maximize opportunities, and aggressively protect their interests.

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