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Christopher Porter Profiled in UTEP’s Miner Pride Alumni Magazine

Yetter Coleman associate, Chris Porter, is a former UTEP running back.  He is profiled in the school’s alumni magazine, Miner Pride.  The full article is provided below and you can also read it here.

Q&A with UTEP Great – Chris Porter

The Miner Athletic Club’s Locker Campaign gives supporters the opportunity to create a lasting impact with current and future UTEP student-athletes. Monies raised from this campaign will help offest the costs of student-athlete scholarships. Recently the MAC caught up with former UTEP running back Chris Porter on his contributions to a program that helped make him succesful.

What brought you to UTEP?
Football was what introduced me to UTEP. I began receiving recruiting letters from the football program which is what initially sparked my interest. When I made my official visit, I spoke with the coaches, learned about the program and the school. But it wasn’t only about athletics that interested me. The academics and the city of El Paso played a major role in my decision.

What is your favorite UTEP memory?
Securing a share of the Western Athletic Conference Championship with our victory against Rice. That was definitely my favorite memory. We played in front of a sold out Sun Bowl. It was intense; over-flowing with energy. The fans and the city was behind the team. It was such a lasting memory because everyone rushed the field. We were able to celebrate, not only with family, but the students and the city of El Paso.

Can you explain the importance of giving back to your alma mater?
I think it’s important because it’s the foundation and the spring-board into a student-athlete’s career at UTEP and thereafter. I gained so much during my time as a student that it’s important to help others continue to grow as a person. The experiences are the base for them to move forward. It’s important to give back – pay it forward – so that others can have the experience that I did.

How has being a former student-athlete helped you become successful in your career, family and other 
relationships you have fostered?
Learning teamwork and how to foster relationships is an asset I attained as as student-athlete. Playing a sport, an individual encounters many different people from different backgrounds and walks of life. A person learns to become comfortable in any type of setting and in any type of condition. It is certainly something that one needs in life and in career.

Explain why you picked the quote “Never Stop Trying” on your locker plaque.
It was the attitude of the team during my time at UTEP. Regardless of what the score was, the down and distance or any obstacle that was in front of us, we never quit. Our team always wanted to keep going and pressing onward to be the best. The quote can also be used in life. Despite what someone may tell you, if you believe in yourself and never quit, you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to.