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Yetter Coleman Defeats Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Case For Medical Developer In North Carolina Federal Jury Trial

Following a four-day federal jury trial in Raleigh, North Carolina, Yetter Coleman defeated patent-infringement and trade-secret theft claims brought against our client RadiaDyne, securing a defense victory.

RadiaDyne, a successful Houston-based innovator and marketer of medical balloon devices, was sued by its former business partner, North Carolina-based Polyzen, Inc., a manufacturer of medical balloons. Polyzen brought claims that RadiaDyne infringed a patent Polyzen had procured, misappropriated trade secrets, and failed to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in balloons and raw materials.

Before trial, the court granted RadiaDyne’s motion to dismiss the patent-infringement claim, ruling that it had shown it was entitled to be recognized under the law as an owner of the patent Polyzen had procured, and thus could not be sued over the patent.

At trial, the jury unanimously found for RadiaDyne on Polyzen’s trade secret claim and its claim for unpurchased inventory. The jury also found that Polyzen breached a contract with RadiaDyne, competed unfairly with RadiaDyne, and failed to return tooling paid for by RadiaDyne.

The case started more than seven years ago and ended with a judgment that our client, not the plaintiff suing in its home state, was owed money.

Our trial team was Collin Cox and Tom Morrow.  Chris Johnson and Doug Griffith assisted throughout the case.