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Yetter Coleman Supports Houston Bar Association’s 2021 Gender Fairness Commitment Statement

Yetter Coleman is pleased to announce its inaugural support for the Houston Bar Association’s 2021 Gender Fairness Commitment Statement.

Joining 66 other Houston law offices, the firm has pledged support for the new statement which expands upon the HBA’s previous statements to include gender diverse groups and broadens the language to better accommodate firms and in-house legal departments of varying sizes, while allowing supporters to develop their own timeline to achieve measurable gender parity.

Yetter Coleman joined the legal community in supporting the HBA’s 2018 Commitment Statement which was unveiled in celebration of its Gender Fairness Committee’s 15th anniversary.

For the 2021 Statement, supporting firms commit to addressing gender diversity in leadership positions with a material increase in representation by a target date set by the organization; implement objective, unbiased criteria and procedures for achieving equity and interrupting bias in recruitment, hiring, evaluation, assignment, retention, and promotion of attorneys into partner and/or leadership positions; and promote policies, practices, opportunities, transparency, and accountability to achieve gender equity.

Participants further pledge to obtain and act on feedback from employees and others regarding efforts to increase gender equity and equality; offer professional development opportunities that support gender equality for attorneys at all levels throughout their careers; identify and promote opportunities for gender diversity through leadership roles and advancement within the organization; and allow for flexible work arrangements that are an equitable option for all attorneys.

More information about the HBA’s 2021 Gender Fairness Commitment Statement is found here.