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New York Times Article – A Drug Test Cost a D.E.A. Agent His Job. He Sued, and Got It Back.

In a landmark case that’s captured national attention, a former DEA agent has successfully challenged his termination over CBD oil use. Yetter Coleman attorney,  Matthew Zorn represented the former agent, arguing that the termination was unjust and that the DEA lacked clear guidelines on CBD use by its employees.

The Department of Justice ultimately conceded, reinstating Armour with back pay and legal costs covered, acknowledging the absence of intentional wrongdoing. Armour, who served as a special agent tackling the opioid crisis, turned to CBD for chronic pain relief, believing it to be a safer alternative to prescription painkillers. Despite CBD’s legal status under federal law, a routine drug test in 2019 indicated THC presence, leading to Armour’s dismissal, sparking a legal battle highlighting the complexities of CBD regulation and its place in federal employment law.

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