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Karla Maradiaga Featured Guest on Honduran News Program

Karla Maradiaga appeared on UNE TV’s “Foro con Rony Martinez,“ a political commentary program on the Honduran news station UNE TV, to discuss the recent conviction of former Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez for drug trafficking crimes in the U.S.

In the segment, she answered questions about the sentencing process in U.S. federal courts, the importance of testimony in jury trials, and what effect the conviction of the former Honduran president for drug crimes might have on the prosecution of drug traffickers in Honduras moving forward. Karla offered her perspective on U.S. courts as a Honduran-American and having witnessed criminal trials as a WDTX judicial clerk in El Paso.

This incredibly important trial was widely followed in the Honduran community, and it is a notable honor for her to have been asked to comment on the process to share with her community.

Link to AP article about the trial and conviction: and link to YouTube stream of the news program in which Karla was speaking: (Spanish)