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Diversity & Inclusion

Our number one priority, always, is excellence in representing our clients. That’s why we’re here and what we do.

But as attorneys, we also believe we have an ethical responsibility to do our part to improve our legal and business community. That’s the basis of both our pro bono practice and our efforts to ensure that previously marginalized groups within our profession, particularly women, ethnic and religious minorities, those with a disability, and those historically discriminated against because of their sexual preference or gender identity, are treated fairly at our firm. This includes opportunities for advancement, hiring, and participation in high-level work.

Many law firms claim to share these values but, as we see it, the real test is whether and how the firm’s policies include a financial element. In other words, the question is, “Are you committed to diversity when it includes a price tag?” At our firm, the answer is, “Yes.”

Work done in support of diversity-related programs and initiatives receives full billable credit toward bonus eligibility – up to ten hours a year. This can include attendance at affinity events sponsored by bar or business group or participation in recruiting events for affinity groups at law schools. And half of our current Management Committee are women.

Our attorneys are active in a wide range of diversity, equity and inclusion-related organizations, both as part of our firmwide commitment to pro bono work and as individuals. These include the Women’s Energy Network, LAMBDA Legal, The Appellate Project, the Texas Minority Counsel Program, and the Asian American Bar Association.

At Yetter Coleman, we also focus on informal, internal support for the inclusion and advancement of diverse lawyers, and ongoing efforts by firm management and the partnership to ensure that every voice, especially those from diverse sources, is heard and valued. Case assignments, client contact, evaluations – these are all the fundamental, day-to-day aspects of law firm life where, in large ways and small, we strive to support a more diverse team of lawyers and staff.

Teamwork and collegiality are the raw material of our success. These values are a fundamental part of our culture, our heritage, and our future. They’re also traits we employ to promote and advance a culture of diversity that empowers every lawyer, and staff member, to make meaningful contributions to our work and our workplace.

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