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Amy Farish Featured in The Houston Lawyer article, “Becoming a New Mom is Hard—But Law Firms Don’t Have to Make It Harder”

In the newest issue of the Houston Bar Association’s Houston Lawyer, Amy Farish is quoted in an article that explores how law firms can establish supportive policies to help ease the transitions and demands of work for new parents.

In “Becoming a New Mom is Hard–But Law Firms Don’t Have to Make It Harder,” Farish, a new mom and newly elected partner at Yetter Coleman, shares details about the firm’s written leave policy:

“Amy Farish, another new mom and a newly-elected partner at Yetter Coleman, described her firm’s official parental leave policy (26 weeks, with 14 fully paid) as “very generous,” and explained that the firm was flexible both before the official leave began and as it ended. Amy said she has not felt pressured to work while on leave or to return early—rather, she has been encouraged to take all 26 weeks and offered various options for her return to work.”

Read the full article in The Houston Lawyer here.